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Memory Mountain is a social enterprise. The main asset of the company is the cross which is funded as a cultural initiative of Walk-A-While foundation.

If you're able to support the project as we develop opportunities for visitors and social enterprise employment please visit Walk-A-While and donate to their fundraising campaign. Alternatively Memory Mountain Limited is keen to hear from sponsors, corporate partners and social investors who connect with this vision. 



Walk A While works with remote communities helping them step into a better future. The foundation has a heart for the creative and for equipping and empowering young and old to express their culture through photography, digital media, film and music. The cross is also a cultural project of the foundation. Your support through Walk A While will help make this vision a reality. To make a donation click here,



We are looking for sponsors and social impact investors for different parts of the project. If you or your company would like to sponsor the creation of this incredible social enterprise we'd be delighted to hear from you. We are also keen to hear for individuals or businesses who are interested in social impact investment. Our plans include a need to fund micro-enterprises in the community and facilities for visitors which will create employment. 



We are now reaching out to potential corporate partners across a range of commodities including car (4WD) hire, air transport, communications, hotel, tours, construction and maintenance services and event managers. We are keen for those businesses to benefit from the additional tourism activity but also hope that they will give back to this unique social enterprise. 

Our Partner organisation

Walk A While Foundation.


Empowering the creativity of this community.


Educational outcomes are central to the objectives of Walk a While Foundation (WaW) who have invested in the creation of Memory Mountain Limited (MML) due to its alignment with the foundations cultural mission.

There are three key areas of educational development arising from the inter-connected projects that comprise the work of both WaW and MML.

Education: The cross site itself will be a place of learning where both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people can visit and learn about the way in which the Christian message connects with the culture and spirituality of first Australians.

Vocational Training: The whole project provides opportunity for community members to gain vocational skills in areas such as construction, maintenance, landscape management, catering and hospitality.

Creative Media: The WaW Centre in the community provides a springboard for community members to develop film, photography and music skills relevant to connecting with the visitors to the Cross on Memory Mountain.


Your can find out more about Walk A While on their web site: www.walkawhile.org.au

“If you really want to know someone you have to walk a while with them.”

— Aboriginal Elder