Memory Mountain at sunrise.

Memory Mountain at sunrise.


Memory Mountain Limited is registered with the Australian Charities & Not For Profit Commission. We are recognised as a not-for-profit charity with objects that mean ALL benefit has to go to the community at Haasts Bluff. Our registration together with our governance documents can be found at the ACNC website.

Memory Mountain Limited is a Public Company limited by guarantee. Its members and directors comprise a majority from the local community. 

The objects of the company include creating and undertaking community-based enterprises that employ or support people from the Haasts Bluff community.

The directors have determined that the best way to do this is through an invitation to visitors to come and see and experience the culture and faith of the community as expressed at Memory Mountain. 

The directors intend this project will create employment or business opportunities and assist community members in improving their wellbeing and achieving financial independence. 

These objects are profoundly benevolent in nature. For this reason the company is accessing not-for-profit tax exemptions and may in due course apply for Public Benevolent Institution status.

Once fully funded the company anticipates regular Board Meetings each year, plus an Annual General Meeting held in Haasts Bluff. 

In addition education and communication activities continue to be undertaken to ensure full and fair inclusion of members of the local community in all key governance decisions.