THE EARLY YEARS - How it all began!

Alison Multa: one of the Traditional Owners of this land who had the first vision for the construction of The Cross

Alison Multa: one of the Traditional Owners of this land who had the first vision for the construction of The Cross

The Vision of The People

“This painting depicts a vision that my people have about a cross being raised on our land
at a place called Round Hill (also known as Memory Mountain).”

Alision Multa - Traditional Land Owner


Since 1982, a group of indigenous Christians has been singing songs of faith and hope almost every night for hours at a time. They call this phenomenon “sing along”. This has not been imposed upon the indigenous Christians. It is their own form of worship.

When the singing started, people came from far and wide and it continued for hours. As various groups became involved in this indigenous worship, their communities were transformed.

Many long-term issues like drug abuse, relationship violence and petrol sniffing miraculously began to fall away. Today the police station at Haasts Bluff is rarely staffed and the community is a safer place to live.

In 2009, the local people held a service at the place they call “Memory”. This is where the local people have built a memorial to the indigenous evangelists who originally spread the Christian message throughout the western desert regions. They said that tribes would be coming from all around, to be part of this Easter Sing Along to celebrate their Christian heritage.

During that event, three community leaders shared their vision to build a cross on top of nearby Memory Mountain.

Since that event discussions were held with all traditional Owners of the Land and the wider Communities to obtain permission to construct a 20m high steel cross there. The Walk A While Foundation board Chaired by photographer Ken Duncan has been funding the project as a cultural initiative, reflecting the faith, creativity, hope and essence of this incredible community. 



Work to build the cross has been underway now since 2017.


The first phase of construction involved clearing access for the track.

The track has been constructed from steel grate attached to poles core drilled into the mountain side. The track is designed to be sensitive to the aesthetic look of the mountain and protect the mountain and the environment.

This work is now largely complete and the site is ready for the cross itself.

Work was undertaken in some harsh conditions to build the track.

Work was undertaken in some harsh conditions to build the track.

Sustainability & Respect Key to everything we do on the site is respect for the environment and the wishes of the traditional owners of the land.  

2018 - The build status today


As at December 2017 the track to the top of the  mountain is complete and we are nearly ready to put up the cross!

The cross itself will be 20m high and sit at the top of the mountain. It will be an amazing sight and draw visitors from around the world. 

Today we are working on the completion of the cross and on some basic amenities at the sight to welcome you. 

In the first months of opening we plan on having a basic flat parking area, some toilet facilities, signage and information and WiFi connection to enable communication in an emergency. 

There is no mobile phone coverage in the area.

The track to the top is now complete.

The track to the top is now complete.

2019 - The project now

At the start of this year the Board approved the budget to have the foundations for The Cross laid. As the months get cooler around June to August the foundations will be laid ready for The Cross to be installed.

Please pray for this project as it nears completion towards the end of this year and the board defines the final engineering and negotiates the contract to build the Cross.

Funding for the project is critical and we need your support.

An indigenous elder from the Illawarra recently described The Cross as the reconciliation of all peoples of this country and the creator of this land.

The Cross is setting a pathway of hope, love and reconciliation for the people of this country.

Please join this project by assisting in funding the final stages.