The project today.


As at December 2017 the track to the top of the  mountain is complete and we are nearly ready to put up the cross!

The cross itself will be 22m high and sit at the end of the mountain. It will be an amazing sight and draw visitors from around the world. 

Today we are working on the completion of the cross and on some basic amenities at the sight to welcome you. 

In the first months of opening we plan on having a basic flat parking area, some toilet facilities, signage and information and WiFi connection to enable communication in an emergency. 

There is no mobile phone coverage in the area, but we have sponsorship from an NBN service provider to enable internet access. 

The track to the top is now complete. 

The track to the top is now complete. 

What's Next: Now that the track is complete we'll be building the cross in the next few months and would love you to think about planning a visit or supporting the completion of the project.